Library Services

1. Lending Service

Our Library allows its users to borrow information resources for a specific duration dictated by the user group. Lending facilitates equitable circulation of information resources among all users.
Books from open shelve and reserve are loaned out from the central Issue Desk. Audio Visuals are loaned out from the respective
Lending Regulations and Penalties

  • Only registered students and SU staff are entitled to borrow materials.
  • All library users MUST produce their student identification card before borrowing any information material.
  • Lost or mutilated information materials on loan will be replaced at the market cost of the information materials plus Kshs. 500 /= processing charges.
  • Information materials borrowed on regular loan and not returned on the due date will be charged Kshs. 5 /= per day per item.
  • Information materials borrowed from the short loan and not returned on the due date and time will be charged Kshs. 1 /= per minute per item, Reserved books overdue, Kshs. 5/- per hour after 9AM.
  • Users who inconvenience others in any way while in the library will be punished-see penalties on the library notice boards.

2. Recall old Materials on Loan

The Librarian may recall any information material on loan from a user by notice which shall specify return of the same. If a user does not return the item as specified, he shall incur a fine of Kshs. 5 per book per day.

3. Renewals

All information materials borrowed from the library may be renewed for a further period which is dependent on the user category provided they have not been reserved by another user. Users are encouraged to do this on their own using the OPAC or anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet.

If however the loan period has already expired, then renewal cannot be effected and will be possible ONLY on personal application by the borrower, provided that any fine incurred is paid. An item can also not be renewed if another borrower has placed a hold (reserve) on it.

4. Reservations

i) If required information material has been borrowed by another user, users may reserve information materials via the OPAC or anywhere even outside campus as long as they can access the library catalogue.
ii) Users should note the due date of the material and check in the library on that date. Reserved information materials must be collected within 24 hours of the notice. *Provide an email address in your personal details for the notices to be sent.

5. Inter-Library Loan Services

Strathmore library participates in all the resource sharing initiatives that include library cooperation. These initiatives enable library users to access and use other libraries.

6. Reprographic Services

Scanning, printing and photocopy services are offered at the following rates:

  • Printing Kshs. 2 /=
  • Photocopy Kshs. 2 /=
  • Scanning Free

However, Strathmore University Library may not be held liable for any infringement and / or breach of Copyright Laws and Regulations perpetrated by the borrower of such materials. Publications borrowed remain the property of the Strathmore University at all times.

5. Electronic Services

The library subscribes to e-books and e-journals which can be accessed oncampus and off-campus.
These can also be accessed from the library if a user has a laptop through wireless connection.
A link to electronic resources subscribed to can be accessed from the online catalogue by clicking the electronic resources link.

Revised operating hours
Main Library: Weekdays: 8 am – 9 pm, Saturdays: 9 am – 6 pm, Sundays: Closed. A&K Library: Weekdays: 9 am – 8 pm, Weekends: Closed

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